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  • Shakeology is a complete superfood meal that equals less than $5 U.S. dollars a day. Click this link to learn more about Shakeology.
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Here you will find High Quality Support & Guidance and Successful Effective Tools & Products for Creating Your Ideal Life of WellBeing…

Happiness, Health, Prosperity 

As your WellBeing Coach I will work with you one-on-one to help you determine which program is the best suited for you and your goals.

  • Effective Nutritional Meal Plans, Menus, Recipes, Supplements & Nutritional Programs. ( 2B Mindset Nutrition Only Weight Loss & Nutritional Mindset Training Program)
  • Effective At Home Fitness Programs with Professional Celebrity Super Trainers. (Cardio, Weightlifting, Dance, HIIT, Strength Training, Balance, Flexibility, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Mixed Martial Arts, Pilates, etc.)
  • Effective Personal Development & Self Improvement Tools, Steps & Strategies.
  • Effective Metaphysical Tools that have been Successfully Proven to Change Lives for the Better and Provide Prosperity.
  • Effective Leadership Tools.
  • Work From Home Coaching Opportunity
  • All for the Successful Production of a Life of Happiness, Health & Prosperity…

Effective WellBeing

What You Gain In Return

  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Stamina & Endurance
  • Strengthened Cardio Respiration
  • Deep Breathing Techniques & Exercises
  • Improved Focus (Nutrients play a critical role)
  • Improved Attention (Nutrition, Nutrients play a critical role)
  • Improved Circulation
  • Improved Oxygen Intake & Absorption
  • Improved Nutrients Absorption
  • Information On How Certain Foods Cause Uric Acid Build-Up Which Causes Arthritis and Many Other Health Ailments & How To Reverse The Effects
  • Personal Development & Self Improvement How To’s & Support
  • Fitness & Nutrition Tips & Tricks
  • Fitness & Nutrition Support & Guidance
  • Slimmer & Leaner Body
  • Stronger & Toner Body
  • Healthier & Happier Body & Mind
  • Improved Balanced Hormones
  • Stress Relief
  • Improved & Better Quality Sleep
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Encouragement & Recognition
  • Improved Self Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Improved Self Discipine
  • Potential Prosperity (By Becoming My Personally Sponsored Coach & You Creating And Running Your Own At Home Health & Fitness Business)
  • Steps To Creating Your Ideal Life
  • Access To Trainings & Courses
  • Appropriate Action Steps
  • Access To My Private Support Groups
  • Access To My Free Easy Beginner Level Fitness Program 
  • Access To My Free Easy Beginner 8 Week Nutritional Transition Plan
  • Access To My Free Intermediate Nutritional Mindful Portion Prep Plan
  • Free One-on-One Consultations (Including Live Video Meeting Appointments)
  • Free WellBeing Health Assessment (So I can Better & More Effectively Help & Be of Service to You)

Featured Blog Posts

How To Make Living A Healthier Lifestyle Easier

How To Learn To Shop & Eat Healthy With A Mind Reset

My Personal Story To A Life Of WellBeing

My Personal Struggles & Victories!


About Coach Cathy

Personal Pictures Of My Story Along My Journey To WellBeing

15F9AAF9-F577-4A89-BB26-802C68EBB860As your complete WellBeing Coach, you will be taken from where you currently are, to where you aspire to be. Coach Cathy of Effective WellBeing provides High Quality Support & Guidance And Successful Effective tools & Products for the Successful Production of Happy, Healthy, Prosperous Results for your Ideal Life of Complete WellBeing!

Getting nutritionally healthy and fit or living a life of nutritional health and fitness doesn’t have to be a struggle you face alone or a lifestyle you live alone.
Contact me, I’ve been there and I understand. Start a new chapter in your life story filled with supportive nutritional health and fitness.


Start Your Ideal Journey Of WellBeing Here20AB716D-DA3E-4FC9-9D33-7DF3ED95AC9A

Featured Recipes

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Featured Nutrition + Fitness Programs + Support Groups

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Nutrition + Fitness + Support = Successful Results

Simple & Effective

Perfect Simple & Effective 7 Day Fitness & Clean Eating Program That Gets Awesome Results! Click To Learn More

Clean Week is a 7 day nutrition and fitness program designed to introduce you to a Clean Week 7 Day Fitness & Clean Eating Programhealthy lifestyle and Beachbody’s proven system of fitness, nutrition and support. In just one week of clean eating, daily Shakeology and simple workouts on Beachbody On Demand, you will begin to create new healthy habits and routines. As a result, you will start to feel better and may even lose a few pounds. The value you receive from this simple and effective program plus the included support is immeasurable compared to what you actually monetarily pay.

Amazingly Effective Nutritional & Fitness Process! Click To Learn More

Our bodies require balanced physical activity & rest along with balanced rich 80B3FBD5-79B9-43A9-9034-F79EB179BEA4nutrients from nutritionally rich foods for enjoying quality of life, a life of WellBeing. You are about to receive very Effective high quality physical activity & nutritional tools that will launch you into enjoying a quality life of WellBeing.

You and your life are valuable and as your complete wellbeing coach, I’m here to get you from where you are to where you aspire to be! Providing you with high quality Effective tools and support for a life of WellBeing!

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Featured Success Story


Nicole M.
“Shakeology is perfect on super-busy days. It helps keep my calories in check, and I love how I can drink it as a healthy treat.”
LOST 120 LBS. in 1 year and 2 months
with Shakeology®, 21 Day Fix®, 21 Day Fix EXTREME®, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel®, TurboFire®, ChaLEAN EXTREME®

Starter Nutritional Program

The 8 Week Nutritional Transition Plan
The 8 Week Nutritional Transition Plan
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Starter Fitness Programs

Clean Week
Clean Week
21 Day Fix
21 Day Fix

Coming Soon

BeachBars Are Now Available For Purchase


BeachBar Competition Comparison Chart

BEACHBAR® is our new wholesome snack bar that offers an efficient and delicious way to consume 10 grams of protein packed in just 150 calories. Plus, there are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives — and they’re gluten free! See why you should snack on a bar that’s better! BEACHBARs are coming to TeamBeachbody.com April 6th!

Introducing “2B Mindset” Nutritional Program


Now Available For Purchase!

Meet Ilana Muhlstein, R D Nutritionist | Co-Creator of the 2B Mindset

Now you can win the weight loss battle once and for all! The 2B Mindset is designed to help you lose weight happily so you can keep it off for good—without ever depriving yourself, counting calories, or even having to exercise until you’re ready!


Coming Soon from Super Trainer Joel Freeman

We’ve got a brand new program coming to you from Super Trainer Joel Freeman, the co-creator of Core de Force. Here’s a little taste of what’s coming…if you want to find out all of the details, make sure you find a Super Saturday to attend near you on April 7th!

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